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Star Trek Online's Dine with the Devs event details -- Vegas edition


With the Star Trek Las Vegas convention coming up this weekend, trekkers and trekkies are sewing the final buttons and putting the finishing touches on their costumes. With estimates of over 15,000 Humans, Klingons, and Romulans -- among others -- attending the event at the Rio Convention Center, there is bound to be a massive turn-out of Star Trek Online players, including a handful of Cryptic developers. Just like last month, there is a special event being planned that will bring players and devs together for an evening of fun.

Priority One, the STO podcast for which I am Executive Producer, is proud to be hosting another Dine with the Devs event this Saturday evening, August 13th. While not affiliated with Massively, the casual meet-up will be within walking distance of the convention. As we dine, the devs will be answering players' questions and talking more in depth about some of the projects they have been involved with. It is important to note that each attendee's expenses are their own responsibility. For more information, including location and time, visit the event's information page.

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