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Apple also suing Motorola in Europe over Xoom tablet


FOSS patents found something interesting within Apple's complaint against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Specifically, the Cupertino company has instigated additional lawsuits against iPad competitors Motorola and Jay-tech.

Translating the German filing, FOSS notes that Apple has used the same court to sue Motorola over the design of the Xoom. The document does not reveal if Apple has requested a preliminary injunction.

Jay-tech, however, was served a preliminary injunction which, according to FOSS, the court upheld "in its entirety." It's unknown which operating system Jay-tech's now banned tablet was going to run, but some flavor of Android is a reasonably safe assumption.

Apple's complaint against Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 resulted in a near EU-wide sales ban of the device earlier this week. Both Motorola and Apple have been embroiled in legal sparring for a while now, and an amicable end seems unlikely at this point.

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