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Fallout: New Vegas' 'Lonesome Road' DLC delayed, launching 'as quickly as possible'


Back in May, Fallout: New Vegas publisher Bethesda Softworks announced a trio of DLC packs for its post-apocalyptic wasteland wanderer: "Honest Hearts," which arrived in May; "Old World Blues," which arrived in July; and "Lonesome Road," which was also planned for a July launch.

"We just wanted to drop in here and let you know that due to circumstances beyond our control, Lonesome Road won't be out this month," senior producer Jason Bergman explained in a forum post. "We don't have an exact date yet, but we're working to get it out as quickly as possible. We'll be announcing the final date, along with a couple of other interesting FNV-related items in the near future," he added without specifying a new launch window for the third DLC pack.

As a peace offering, Bethesda showed off the first image of Lonesome Road, seen above. If that's what taking the high road gets you, how bad must the other one be?

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