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LotRO displays the true power of Saruman


As Lord of the Rings' Rise of Isengard nears, players grow ever more curious about the foe that sits in the middle of his twisted fortress and his plans. Today Turbine released six new screenshots that show Saruman up to no good, and he certainly gives the impression that he's not a wizard with which to be trifled. For an old guy in a bathrobe, that is.

Two of the screens show Saruman looking into his palantir and calling down the forces of nature on his enemies, two give a better view of his incredibly detailed Orthanc tower, and the last pair shows the sort of warm welcome we'll be getting from the denizens of Isengard.

Rise of Isengard is slated for a September 27th release, and it will bring a number of welcome changes to the game including itemization improvements. You can check out the new screenshots in the gallery below.

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