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FortressCraft makes a million on XBLIG


Minecraft is such a successful formula that it's making money even for games that aren't Minecraft. Take, for example, FortressCraft, an Xbox Live Indie game whose title and gameplay are eerily similar to Mojang's indie megahit, almost as if that were the express purpose of the game.

According to developer ProjectorGames, FortressCraft has become the highest-grossing XBLIG release ever, bringing in over a million bucks with approximately 350,000 copies sold. To be fair, the developer thinks of it more as an amalgam of Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft, and plans to add more divergent elements in the future, but we're not sure that's how the people buying it think of it.

In any case, ProjectorGames should probably hang onto that million, because sales might slow a bit when it has to compete with for-real Minecraft.

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FortressCraft Becomes First XBLIG to Break $1,000,000 in Sales!

The XBOX Live Indie Game, FortressCraft, is once again breaking records. After a stunning launch on April 8th, 2011, the sandbox building game developed by ProjectorGames, has gone on to become the highest-grossing XBOX Indie Game of all time. The game continues to sell and has accumulated a massive player base which leads us to our exciting announcement today:

FortressCraft has grossed over $1,000,000 in sales with over 350,000 copies sold!

The success of FortressCraft is easy to understand after playing it. It's a game in which you have an amazingly varied number of materials at your fingertips so you could begin to build your dream home, a massive network of dungeons, or even an alien world. As well as the creative gameplay aspect, FortressCraft sends the player on an epic treasure-hunt to locate relics to give the player even more power. However, if you were never the type to become an architect, the game gives you the chance to simply roam your friend's worlds and enjoy what has essentially become a virtual art gallery.
The XBOX community has taken notice of this gem of a game and the conversion numbers (the percentage of people who download the demo and then go on to purchase the game) prove just that.

Just because we've hit this milestone does not mean we're going to kick up our heels and be content. A massive update is on its way – further adding to the depth of the world of FortressCraft, including customisable blocks and server rankings amongst other things.

As always, we look forward to seeing the remarkable creativity the community will produce as we move forward.

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