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Media Molecule designer kayaking around the UK for charity

The folks at LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule have proven time and time again that their brains don't work in quite the same way as everyone else's. Take, for example, John Beech: Though most normies would elect to bring their kayaking trip to a close after an hour or two, John has decided to row his plastic vessel around the entire circumference of the United Kingdom. It's a mind-searing 2,450-mile trip that will take him two months to complete; and he's doing it all for a good cause. (Naturally!)

You can check Beech's progress on Media Molecule's site, and sponsor his attempt by donating money to GamesAid, a UK-based organization which distributes funds to other, smaller charities. We'd also suggest that you wish him luck on his sojourn, but we're not sure about the quality of the Wi-Fi on his tiny boat.

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