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Mortal Kombat Legacy uppercuts Blu-ray on November 8


Sure, you could watch the entirety of Mortal Kombat Legacy for free on YouTube right now, but who wants to do all of that clicking? That's for chumps -- no, you'd rather pop a nice, neat Blu-ray disc into your preferred player, sit back and soak it all in. You're a connoisseur, after all.

And on November 8, you'll be able to do just that when Warner Bros. releases Mortal Kombat Legacy on Blu-ray. High-Def Digest reports that in addition to all nine episodes, there will be a plethora of extras, including behind-the-scenes vignettes, a profile of director (and Mortal Kombat "super fan") Kevin Tancharoen and other exploratory pieces looking at the mythos of Mortal Kombat. All in all, it seems like a pretty decent package for a MSRP of $19.98.

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