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PSA: 'Nintendo 3DS Ambassador' (free games) program ends at midnight Eastern


Listen, it doesn't matter to us (or Nintendo) if you paid $250 for the 3DS or grabbed it this week for $170, following some early price cuts. What we care about (Nintendo, not so much) is that you get those free games you're entitled to as part of Nintendo's early 3DS adoption apology.

Those who own a 3DS must connect to the Nintendo eShop before 11:59PM EST tonight to be enrolled in the "Nintendo 3DS Ambassador" program. You'll obtain 10 free NES Virtual Console games on September 1 (including The Legend of Zelda, Balloon Fight and Ice Climber) and 10 more Game Boy Advance Virtual Console games (Yoshi's Island, Metroid Fusion and Mario vs. Donkey Kong) by year's end.

So, just make sure you log in before midnight tonight. Procrastination will not be rewarded.

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