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Witcher 2 hotfix fixes Steam Achievements, 3D Vision bugs

What good is your heroic success in keeping the world of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings from slipping into ruin if none of your Steam buddies are going to hear about it? A bug in the well-received RPG kept some Steam Achievements from registering on players' accounts -- but those dark and lonely days have passed. CD Projekt Red recently launched an update for the title which remedies these incidences of accidental humility.

Other problems fixed by the update include graphical snafus in 3D Vision mode, a bug which allowed antivirus software to treat game .exe files as harmful, and an error which screwed with blood textures on certain graphical settings. For instance, when the graphical quality is turned up to "savory," blood begins to look like delicious raspberry preserves.

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