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Gameloft opening New Orleans studio


Gameloft is opening up a new studio in New Orleans, Louisiana, taking advantage of the state's generous tax incentives.

"As it stands, we expect to employ an approximate 150 people in our New Orleans studio over the course of the next 10 years," Samir El Agili, general studio manager for the US and Latin America at Gameloft told Joystiq. "But with the fast pace and rapid expansion of the handheld and downloadable market we will adjust that number accordingly should we find it necessary."

The new studio will work on a diverse range of downloadable titles, across mobile, XBLA, PSN, Facebook and future connected consoles.

Louisiana is doing its best to compete against states like Texas and countries like Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, et al) in attracting game talent. EA has already been wooed by the state, with a facility at Louisiana State University handling North American QA, which it will expand with a new building that can accommodate over 600 employees in the near future.

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