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Joe Danger: The Movie is Hello Games' next stunt


Joe Danger developer Hello Games has been teasing the announcement of a new project all week, torturing fans with day-long tea breaks and context-free cupcakes. Today, Hello revealed the title of the next game to Destructoid, and then posted it on its own blog: "Joe Danger: The Movie."

Despite featuring the name and likeness of the protagonist of last year's motorcycle stunt game, this isn't a direct sequel. In fact, it's something much bigger, according to managing director Sean Murray. "Really, it's something entirely new," Murray told Destructoid. "We're super early in development, but it's pretty huge already. Like, I think the entire gameplay experience of Joe Danger on PSN would be just one short scene in this movie."

It's still about making stunts, but this time it's about trying to perfect various exciting filmed stunts, including -- if the poster is any indication -- skiing, diving, jetpack ... ing, riding mine carts and even driving tanks. "It's probably the most ridiculous action movie ever made, but you're creating it scene by scene," Murray said. "If you nail every stunt, then the film will be perfect, and if you're terrible, then it'll be silly hilarious."

Hello Games has yet to specify a date or platform for The Movie. The credits at the bottom of the poster say "What platform? Not sure." We'll see more at GamesCom and PAX.

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