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Super iam8bit debuts Los Angeles gallery space, begins monthlong art show


iam8bit founder Jon Gibson says the opening of the new Super iam8bit art show in Los Angeles' Echo Park neighborhood this week is really about a "rebirth." Iam8bit is not only premiering over 100 new pieces by artists inspired by old-school video games, but it's also showing off a brand new gallery space, and reinventing itself as a company.

"It was just me before, by my lonesome for so many years," says Gibson. "And now I have three partners and we're all equal, and we're all taking charge." Taylor Harrington, Amanda White, and Nick Ahrens have now officially joined the company, and the group will all work together on the art collective's various projects.

The new space will be helpful as well -- iam8bit originally found it while putting an event together with Capcom, and eventually leased it themselves. Gibson plans to use it for a number of different functions. "It's so big," he says. "We can do shows here, we can have concerts, we can do movie screenings."

The Super iam8bit show has a book associated with it, currently available in the gallery's storefront, open for business Thursdays through Saturdays in LA. And the art show itself is open for the next month. If you're not planning to be in Echo Park any time soon, you can browse through and see shots from last night's opening gala (including a wall-sized Galaga machine, Drew Skillman's retro Kinect hack, and a musical appearance by chiptune artist Leeni) below.

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