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WoW Moviewatch: The Pretender


N3rKMinD's name is very difficult to type, but his WoW-themed video for The Pretender isn't difficult to watch at all. This music video is a fun, stylized romp through Azeroth alongside a night elf rogue who seems determined to lay down sweet, sweet revenge on some other night elves.

While I'm sure some readers will disagree, I actually really missed music videos like this. We don't see as many of them as we used to. I like a fun, narrative music video with some good old-fashioned rock and roll in the background. (The music is Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl performs with Tenacious D. That makes it rock and roll, okay?) A little rock and roll, a little night elf rogue, and a little vengeance come together for a kickass video.
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