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Rumor: Angry Birds may be worth $1.2 billion in entertainment explosion deal


Angry Birds developer Rovio is out to prove money really can't buy happiness, with a deal to receive funding that would make the company worth $1.2 billion, Bloomberg rumors. Rovio wants to expand the explosive brand into other entertainment sectors, including making an Angry Birds movie and selling the game and its products in China, which may explain talks with an entertainment company, as revealed by Bloomberg's two anonymous sources.

Michael Pachter pegs EA, Zynga and Walt Disney as likely candidates to do a deal with Rovio, as Disney could make Angry Birds a movie and theme park, and Zynga could turn it into Farmville. While one of those sounds immensely more appealing to us (Angry Bird Slingshot ride, anyone?), either are easily possible, even if more than $1 billion seems a bit much to pay for a phone app.

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