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The Daily Grind: Do you like having the freedom to play solo?

Eliot Lefebvre

MMOs are social experiences at their core, but there's still something about having freedom on your character of choice. At times, everyone likes to step away from being responsible for other people, and operating solo means that you get to take full credit for your own success and failure. But the quality of that operation depends on the game -- Final Fantasy XI characters were largely helpless solo past a certain point, while there's little in Star Trek Online that a solo player can't handle with some patience.

Obviously, being able to get plenty done solo means that you can indulge your time in the game more freely and not have to worry too much about other availability. But it also does detract from the grouping experience, and it can lead to a rahter one-note game where every enemy has to fall prey to the same solo tactics. So do you think solo-friendly game are a good thing? Do you want your games to feature a fair amount of self-reliance, or do you miss the old days where parties were the default for content?

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