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The Daily Grind: Is there a game you would prefer not to beta test?

Eliot Lefebvre

I'm excited as heck about Star Wars: The Old Republic. That having been said, even if I got into the beta tomorrow, I probably would largely stay out of the game. After all, I already know I'm going to buy the game and play it when it comes out -- why should I spend a great deal of time and effort getting used to the game in beta just to do it all over on release? Or worse yet, grow fond of a feature that's going to get snipped before it sees release?

We all have games that we're looking forward to, naturally, but there are games that we want to test and games that we'd rather not. Maybe you think the testing will be particularly arduous, maybe you feel that feedback wouldn't be heard by the developer, or maybe you just don't want to spoil yourself on the game early. So is there a game that you would prefer not to test even if you had the opportunity? Would you feel like you missed out, or would you be happy for remaining fairly clean going in?

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