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Boost your Planet War beta experience with our VIP giveaway

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

When Planet War's beta started last week, those who were around for the unveiling of the Bellona server picked up a special VIP package as a thank-you gift. The gift pack contained an assortment of goodies for players including building robots, resources, coins, and points.

If you missed out on that VIP package, you're in luck because YooGames has a second round of them for us to give away here at Massively. Like before, each package contains five building robots, a 10,000-resource pack, a 5,000-point card, and a 100-point voucher.

Pick up your code by visiting our giveaway page, then log into Planet War and click "VIP" at the bottom of the interface. Enter your code in the box and enjoy your loot in the Planet War beta!


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