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Daily iPhone App: Siege Hero


This is Angry Birds, no doubt about it: In Siege Hero, you're throwing rocks at fortresses built precariously out of surprisingly breakable materials, and trying to crush a series of pigs soldiers for points and ratings. Odds are that you know this gameplay works already -- just one glance at the picture above should tell you what you need to do. But wait, the twist here is that rather than a sideways view of the action, you're shooting at the fortress from head on.

And honestly, that's enough to bring you back to this style of gameplay, even if you've already beaten the crap out of Angry Birds (or, like me, get you to take another look at it, if the unhappy avians didn't sell you on it the last time around). Coming from a first-person angle means you've got a little more precision to your hits, which means it's more about dismantling the structure rather than just hitting that arc right.

Consequently, Siege Hero is a lot of fun, with tons of levels to play through, different characters to play with, and of course full Game Center integration for achievements and leaderboards. It's US 99 cents on the App Store now, $3.99 for an HD iPad version, or you can try it out for free.

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