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Dance Central 2 coming in October, just in time for the Monster Mash


We don't know if "Monster Mash" is actually in Dance Central 2, or if there's even a real dance associated with it. The point we were trying to make, ever so awkwardly, is that the Kinect dancing sequel will be released in October, just before Halloween. That's ... when you'd normally hear that song. Never mind.

Harmonix announced at Gamescom today that Dance Central 2 will be out October 21 in Europe and Asia, October 25 in North America, and October 27 in Japan.

The developer also revealed new features, including full voice integration, allowing you to operate the in-game menus and set up the updated "Break it Down" practice mode with voice commands. Four "dance crews" allow players to pick a faction and play through "crew challenges."

13 new songs were also announced. See the new song list after the break. Just a heads-up: it totally includes Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff." And the Numa Numa song.

  • Flo Rida feat David Guetta – "Club Can't Handle Me"
  • David Guetta feat Akon – "Sexy Chick"
  • Daddy Yankee feat Fergie – "Impacto"
  • Darude – "Sandstorm"
  • Daft Punk – "Technologic"
  • O-Zone – "Dragostea Din Tei"
  • Bruno Mars – "Grenade"
  • Donna Summer – "Hot Stuff"
  • Gnarls Barkley – "Run"
  • Lena – "Satellite"
  • Enrique Iglesias – "I Like It"
  • Lady Gaga – "Born This Way"
  • Exile – "I Wish for You"

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