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FIFA Street reboot in development at EA Canada, coming early next year

EA's Gamescom 2011 keynote has already brought about one intriguing bit of news about the revival of its more palatable, outrageous sports franchises: FIFA Street. Coming to PS3 and 360 early next year, the EA Canada-developed title will bring back the rough-and-tumble action of the original series, with the depth of the later installments in FIFA Prime. In fact, it might possess more depth -- according to EA, it will feature "twice as many moves as FIFA 12."

The game will also feature the suite of EA Football Club features first announced at E3 this year, among other, unspecified social networking features. EA Sports Season Ticket holders will also get early (temporary) access to the full game, should they choose to accept it. Keep an eye out for the game's debut trailer in the coming hours.

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