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GDC Europe 2011: GamersFirst on the difficulties with transforming APB: Reloaded

Shawn Schuster

GamersFirst is practically a household name these days, and a recent panel at GDC Europe played host to COO/CTO Bjorn Book-Larsson speaking up about the difficulties the company has had bringing once-dead APB into the realm of free-to-play.

In the interview at Gamasutra, Book-Larsson talks about how it wasn't as easy as GamersFirst had hoped to turn the failed MMO into that diamond in the rough. Although the tools and ideas of the game are impressive, it was the design that caused roadblocks in the resurrection. Players would literally get lost in the original game, and GamersFirst set out to fix that as much as it could. "People would just run around in an endless loop and never realize they had to ready up to get a mission," Book-Larsson said.

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