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LinkedIn overhauls its iPhone app


LinkedIn has updated its iPhone app today to version 4.0. It's actually more than an update -- it's a complete overhaul of the app. Version 4.0 features a totally new UI with quick and easy access to four areas of LinkedIn: your profile, account updates, your inbox, and groups. Tap on any one of those area's icons (the icons change in realtime to display what you last viewed in that area) to further view your LinkedIn world.

The old LinkedIn app had one of the ugliest UIs of any social networking app. The new version has one of the most beautiful. Much of that beauty comes from its simplicity, which makes navigation a snap. Not only is the app much easier to navigate, it's also faster (even running on my iPhone 3G).

If LinkedIn can do this great a job on an iPhone app, I'm extra hopeful they've got an iPad app waiting in the wings. I spoke with some people from the company a few weeks ago and though they didn't confirm an iPad app was coming, they coyly said "Stay tuned."

LinkedIn 4.0 is available in the App Store now. It is a free download.

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