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No comment: iPhone fan attachment blows (air)


If you're looking for a way to beat the heat where you live, you have many options. If every last one of those options is unavailable for some reason, you can always give this iPhone dock accessory from Cellularfactory a try. Dubbed the "Newest Cool Dock Fan Gadgets Cooler," this dock attachment is essentially a tiny propeller blade, powered by the iPhone's internal battery, that's supposed to cool you off somehow.

It's very reminiscent of those tiny USB-powered fans, but I've never been able to figure out if those are actually meant to be useful or just a gag gift. Like those, this iPhone-powered fan doesn't look big enough to manage much more airflow than you'd get by just breathing on yourself. And unlike the iFan, which was a one-shot fan attachment meant to charge your iPhone off the wind, this fan attachment will probably drain your battery flat in no time.

I'm trying to sympathize with you Northern Hemisphere folks and your brutal heatwave, I really am... but I'm sitting in New Zealand, in the middle of a once-in-50-years snowstorm event. I just ate a banana that tasted like it came straight out of the refrigerator, except it was sitting on my dining room table all night instead. So needless to say, I'm well outside the target demographic for this accessory. Maybe the bitter cold has made me just as bitter, but I'm still giving this iPhone fan a (frozen) solid No Comment.

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