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Sony announces WiFi-less PSP E-1000, hits Europe this fall for €99


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Sony had more than just a PS3 price cut to reveal at its Gamescom press conference today: it also announced that it will be releasing a new budget-priced PSP model that sports a new design and curiously ditches the WiFi capability that the PSP has had since its debut. No word of a North American release just yet, but folks in Europe will be able to pick it up this fall for €99 (or about $140, though we're guessing the actual US price would come in below that; the standard PSP-3000 currently demands €130 in Europe). Hit the gallery below for a closer look.

Update: Sony has now also confirmed that the device will be dubbed the PSP E-1000, and that it will indeed only be available in PAL territories.

Gallery: PSP E-1000 | 4 Photos

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