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Sony's Gamescom keynote, (still) live from Germany


Fresh out of EA and ready for more, we're hanging out in a thrilling line just outside of Sony's Gamescom press conference anxiously awaiting to get in. What wonders await us inside? As of right now, all we can do is guess, but it seems highly likely we'll find out more about Sony's upcoming PSP successor, PlayStation Vita. We've got our Dualshock 3s crossed for worldwide Vita launch dates!

8:23PM That's how House closed the show. Everyone out. Thanks for joining us!

8:23PM PS3 immediate price drop 249 Euros, $249 and ¥24,980.

8:21PM The 3D display has been announced for Europe, perfect for "student flats." The 24" TV will cost 499 Euros with two pairs of 3D glasses.

8:20PM Drake crawls through the plane, only to be grabbed by some big dude, which escalates into a fight on the back of the open cargo plane ... oh my, *SCREAM*

8:18PM Run, Drake, RUN! Elena drives up next to him in a Jeep, he hops on and they drive under the plane, as Drake jumps onto the front wheel as the plane takes off and it retracts into the body.

8:16PM Drake rushes toward a plane that's attempting to take off, the gate closes so he just walk away ... NO, he climbs up buildings, beats up baddies and keeps charging for the open back of the cargo plane.

8:15PM From Naughty Dog, Arne Myer takes the stage to show off gameplay. Drake and Elena are breaking into an airfield, covering each other, with the type of dialogue as they say goodbye to each other we've come to expect from the series. Who wants to watch a room full of men cry? We do.

8:12PM From SuckerPunch comes inFamous 2: Festival of Blood. Coming October 2011. Um, Cole's a vampire ... you know, just without the sparkles. Vampires have taken over the city, Cole only has one night to find the head vampire and kill him.

8:10PM A stylish new trailer based on that Resistance 3 cover. "I just don't want to be scared anymore," says a little girl. You are the resistance September 7, 2011.

8:08PM ... and now comes Resistance 3. How you gonna outdo what we just saw? Dancing Chimera best be comin' out soon.

8:07PM That crew deserves all the applause it's getting right now. Denny says, "I taught them everything they know."

8:05PM It's Randy Jackson's America's Next Best Dance Crew via Cologne up in the house, dawg!

8:04PM This. Is. Happening. Must. Snap. All. Photos.

8:04PM Dancers just came out the floor with Move rods.

8:03PM Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

8:03PM And they're playing the Barbara Streisand song made popular by the hit television show Glee. The evil eyes I just got from my liveblog comrade after humming that all last night can't be expressed.

8:02PM One last PlayStation Move to show DanceStar Party, from the SingStar. Features original artist videos and shows players dancing. Over 40 songs on the disc, with more on PSN.

7:59PM Can we please Move on from move stuff ... nope, time for the sizzle. Is this available to watch at home on Home?

7:58PM Move Fitness. There are no words at the moment. It's Wii Fit, with some Fruit Ninja and Your Shape.

7:56PM There will be full Move functionality on FIFA 13... 13? That's the next, next one, right?

7:54PM Oh, your name is "awesome value." Gotcha.

7:53PM New PSP this fall for 99 Euros without WiFi.

7:52PM Oh, hey PSP, you sold over 71 million units worldwide, it's time to talk about you. No, we haven't forgotten you. What's your name?

7:52PM Entirely new storyline and characters for Assassin's Creed for Vita says Ryan.

7:50PM It says the one rule of the game is "Don't Die."

7:50PM Here comes Escape Plan. Card shows: "The Cast." A Burton-esque stop-motion creature Laarg and Lil appear. One big, one small. Help lil and Laarg get out of a room in demented ways by ... oh, gawd, now they're just shopping, smashing, electrocuting and horribly killing these two.

7:47PM So, this game is all about taking photos of your teachers, professors or anyone who ever wronged you and beating them up in a game.

7:45PM "Imagine bringing your game to life in the real environment" -- Denny playing @PeterMolydeux. About to show off new game Reality Fighters.

5:43PM The trailer just taught us that dinosaurs like lollipops. We didn't know that at all.

5:43PM Hey, LittleBigPlanet Vita, you already looked wonderful. Now you look SUPER wonderful.

7:42PM Denny's back, mentioning that LittleBigPlanet for Vita will make sharing more intuitive than ever. Take photos of real-world objects, cut them out of the pic and use in the land of LBP.

5:40PM Comparatively with Sony's previous Resistance effort on PSP, Resistance: Burning Skies on Vita is looking sharp!

7:39PM Can use sixaxis on Vita to peek around covers by tilting to the side to look around corners, or forward to look over pipes.

7:38PM Showing off a new Chimera gun, shooting a guy for a Wilhelm scream. Nobody laughs.

7:36PM Denny announces Resistance: Burning Skies for Vita. With a new timeline, new features. From Nihilistic Software.

7:34PM Senior VP of Worldwide Studios Europe Michael Denny has taken the stage, he's "inspired" by Vita, repeating Ryan's words. "Confident we'll have the strongest launch line-up ever on a PlayStation platform."

5:32PM We've got quite a few Vita pics here, folks. Bear with us while we share.

7:30PM All Vita games will be available on PSN, including all PSP games currently available. Oh, oh, it has a web browser -- so do you ... right now!

7:29PM Ryan is now talking about "near," sounds like street pass. "LiveArea," another portal to check news, receive gaming updates and check comments from friends. "Social Essentials," which connect to Skype, Facebook and Twitter ... and Four Square. We're totally the mayor of this press conference right now, btw.

7:27PM Ryan is excited about Vita because of dual analog stick, front and rear multi-touch, sixaxis motion sensing, front and rear cameras. Thanks, buddy.

7:26PM House will be leaving for Tokyo to be part of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Introduce Jim Ryan, new COO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

7:25PM 3D gaming on PlayStation is developing a complexity to gameplay. So, that means they're sticking wit it. The European market continues to be an important part for Sony.

7:23PM Wait, that's the same dancer from the failed Games Convention Online on stage. Weird.

7:21PM Andrew House, President and CEO, of Sony Europe takes the stage. Gamescom is where he says that Europeans can show their "passion" for gaming.

7:20PM Here we go, time for the sizzle reels. Wow, the bass is actually not ear breaking. "Your world can talk" plays with Uncharted 3, Resistance and Vita-ness.

7:18PM "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the media briefing. Please make sure your phones are set to 'silent.'" Shhhhhhhhhhh

5:15PM "Ladies and gentleman we will be starting shortly. Please take your seats."

7:13PM Now we've hit the pure bass and drum portion of the waiting music. If we only had thousands of Rock Band drumsets to hit that beat together in there.

5:10PM And apparently there's a slight delay in our proceedings, an announcer tells us. Hang tight, y'all!

7:06PM And now Gaga wants us to "Just Dance." See, feel it people!

7:04PM Join us in feeling this room. Turn only your highest treble and bass settings on. Let's dance!

5:03PM So far we've just got these burning hot electronica hits to bide the time. Ooh, and a bottle of water. Sony, you shouldn't have!

4:58PM And we're inside, getting ready for love. Starting annnnny minute now, folks.

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