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SSX to feature 100,000 player events, pre-order bonuses announced


Speaking on stage at EA's Gamescom press event, SSX creative director Todd Batty announced several new features for the upcoming xtreme sports title. The game looks to be heavily influenced by EA recent racing titles, with Batty noting that every time a player records a personal best on a particular event, a ghost of the run will be uploaded for their friends to compete against.

Players will also be able to set up customized events. These events can be global, with Batty stating that up to 100,000 players will be able to compete simultaneously in real time. SSX will also feature an Autolog-like service called Ridernet. Powered by the same engine as Autolog, Ridernet will allow players to "like" certain drops and will recommend new drops for the player to try. The service also keeps track of friends, allowing players to vote them up -- or down if they're just too good.

Finally, EA announced the pre-order bonuses for SSX. GameStop will include a bonus character, Eddie Wachowski (watch out, he's tricky), his elite snowboard and a "bonus boost." Origin, Amazon, Best Buy and Wal-mart will all receive one character's elite snowboard and a bonus boost. See the full list after the break.

  • GameStop – receive legendary SSX character Eddie Wachowski, his Elite snowboard, and a bonus boost
  • Origin – receive Elise's Elite snowboard and a bonus boost
  • Amazon – receive Mac's Elite snowboard and a bonus boost
  • Best Buy – receive Zoe's Elite snowboard and a bonus boost
  • Wal-Mart – receive Kaori's Elite snowboard and a bonus boost

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