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Apple snags MagSafe patent for iOS devices (update: it's a movable magnetic coupling)


We've all tripped on power cords, sending laptops or other precious items tumbling to the ground. With the introduction of the MagSafe connector, back in 2006, Apple fixed the problem for clumsy MacBook owners, but has since left plugged-in iPad users up a creek. Cupertino was awarded a patent yesterday to integrate the magnetic (trip-safe) cord into future iOS devices like the iPad, potentially solving the dilemma for good. The Haus of Jobs also snagged patents for magnetic assembly and a "securing system," whatever that means.

Update: Oops! While the patent does mention the possibility of integrating this technology into a "tablet computer" or "cell phone," what we're looking at isn't actually a MagSafe patent specifically for iOS devices -- it's a movable magnetic coupling.

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