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DDO's Secrets of the Artificers crafts a release date


With Gamescom now in full swing, Turbine has taken the opportunity to announce a release date for the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons Online Update 11, Secrets of the Artificers. Those of you who can't wait to get your hands on the new content don't have to wait too much longer because the update will be hitting live servers on September 12th, according to a press release sent out by Turbine today.

Secrets of the Artificers brings a new class in the form of the crafty (Eheheh) Artificer, which allows players to sneak like a Rogue, blast like a Wizard, and generally destroy everything in a fantastic fashion. It also brings the new House Cannith enclave, new raids and dungeons, and new crafting levels all the way up to level 150. And lastly, we've got some new preview pictures for the upcoming update, so check out the gallery below to sate your appetite for Dungeons and Dragons goodness.

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