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Former Frogster CEO forms new F2P publishing company


Fans of free-to-play games just received yet another outlet for their addiction, as former Frogster CEO Andreas Weidenhaupt has announced the founding of a new publishing company, named Infernum. The company will be working to bring free-to-play MMOs from around the world to Western audiences.

Weidenhaupt claims, "The market for high-quality MMO games that are free to play is growing dynamically and we intend to become a major player in the space." The company is already hard at work bringing those "high-quality MMO games" to its customers, with Weidenhaupt noting, "We've already begun assembling a top-notch team and are looking to fully utilize our resources by bringing some great games to the western world in 2012." So if you're in the market for a shiny new F2P title, keep your eye on Infernum and find out what it will be bringing to the table.

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