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Gamescom 2011: SWTOR wins Best Online Game and introduces Huttball


The excitement revolving around Star Wars: The Old Republic at Gamescom 2011 apparently cannot be contained. Even those voting for the best-in-show cannot help but recognize BioWare's MMO for its achievements. Although Electronic Arts' single-player title Battlefield 3 won the top slot, The Old Republic was voted Best Online Game. Indeed, this game is powerful as analysts have foreseen.

In addition to taking home the Best Online Game title, the EA booth introduced a new PvP arena that features something different from the typical faction vs. faction combat. In the new Warzone, called Huttball, players of opposing teams attempt to grab the center ball and score points by crossing over their opponents' goal line. And it just wouldn't be Nar Shaddaa without a little bloodshed, right? Instead of just trying to recapture the ball from the opposite team, you are welcomed -- nay, encouraged -- to strike your enemy down with all your hatred! If that enemy happens to be of the same faction, he's fair game in Huttball. Remember, what happens in Nar Shaddaa stays in Nar Shaddaa.

Darth Hater nabbed some footage of Huttball in action. If you speak German or absolutely have to catch the latest TOR visuals, force leap past the break for the footage.

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