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Introducing mini-posts, plus integrated HD and Mobile content!

Tim Stevens

You might have noticed a few changes this morning. Starting today, content from our HD and Mobile sites will appear right here in the main flow, respectively highlighted in red and magenta. It'll help you stay better informed about what's going on in this great, wide world of tech, but we've made these posts mini-sized -- like our Alt section -- so you can cruise right over them if you're not into home entertainment or cellphones. And, if you really, really want to ban those posts from sight, just use this link:

We'll also be running the occasional mini-post for classic Engadget content, shorter entries highlighting bits of news that just don't need the full expository treatment. And don't worry, because and still work just like they did before, as will all our myriad RSS feeds. So, to summarize: new nuggets of short-form coverage will be popping up from time to time, while HD and Mobile content is now mixed-in and multi-colored. Same great flavor, just more (more, more).

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