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New European Wii model loses GameCube compatibility


It's officially a trend. One day after Sony introduced a cheaper, less functional PSP for Europe, Nintendo has announced a new "value Wii" for the region, though no price was given. The new Wii, according to Nintendo UK, is designed to sit horizontally instead of vertically (although the original Wii can technically do both, so we aren't sure what the distinction is). The other major alteration is the loss of GameCube backward compatibility -- both games and accessories.

This new model (we've dubbed it the "Wii Jr.") will be released sometime before Christmas, in a bundle with a Wii Remote Plus, Nunchuk, Wii Party and Wii Sports. Other bundles will also be forthcoming. Eurogamer posted the above picture, and also got word from Nintendo that the company will "focus on the new Wii Bundle/s going forward," suggesting it won't coexist with the current model. Bye, GameCube!

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