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Nexon unveils Dragon Nest launch trailer

Jef Reahard

Nexon has published a launch trailer coinciding with the kickoff of its newest free-to-play title, and fans of Dragon Nest will want to take a gander at the clip for a primer on the fantasy title's lore elements as well as a few glimpses of gameplay proper.

Dragon Nest appears to have all the makings of a traditional fantasy romp if the trailer is anything to go by. There's a kidnapped young girl, an evil enemy, lost hope, heroes to light the way, and plenty of combat-related hijinks.

Dragon Nest also features four playable characters (or classes, if you prefer the traditional moniker), and each offers a choice of two sub-classes at level 15. You can learn more about the game at Nexon's official website, and don't forget to watch the video after the cut!

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