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Tweetbot 1.5 offers mute filters, direct message emails, more


Tweetbot, the powerful US$2.99 Twitter app from Tapbots, has been updated to version 1.5. The new version has added a number of features that are sure to please current users and entice other Twitter fans to give the app a try.

Tapbots has moved Tweetbot to Twitter's native URL shortening service, taking any URL over 19 characters in length and crunching it down -- but keeping the real URL in your timeline so you can actually know where you're going.

One notable addition to Tweetbot 1.5 is mute filters. Tired of listening to someone tweeting without thinking? Although I'm sure that never happens, you can tap on a person's avatar or hashtag and select the "Mute" option. Choose a time duration from one day to forever, and you no longer have to listen to that person's blathering. What's great about this is that if the muted person ever mentions or DMs you on Twitter, you still get the message.

Tweetbot 1.5 also has support for international hashtags now, as well as the ability to email single direct messages. It's a free update, and if you're not already a Tweetbot user, the new features are a good reason to switch from your current Twitter client.

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