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Apple surpasses Lenovo in China sales


Not only are Mac sales going gangbusters in Asia, but the units moving over there have kicked Apple up a notch: The company has overtaken Lenovo for sales in the region. In terms of revenue, PC maker Lenovo (which has been growing rapidly in China and the surrounding region), pulls in about $2.8 billion, but this past quarter, Apple raked in $3.8 billion in the same area.

Now, there is a catch here, and that's that Apple is making Macs, iPhones, and iPads, while Lenovo is strictly a PC maker. These numbers apparently include sales of all devices, so it's not strictly kosher to compare these two companies in the region.

What is important to note is that Lenovo is experiencing huge growth in Asia, and Apple is growing even faster and larger than that. We've known for a while that growth in China is one of Apple's big goals as a company, and a figure like this shows that not only are they taking that goal seriously, but they're on the road to accomplishing it in a big way as well.

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