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Delta testing iPad program for pilots


We've already posted about Delta setting up iPads for customers to use, but the company may be making different use of Apple's tablet in the future. It's testing Apple's iPads out as "Electronic Flight Bags," or EFBs, which as far as I can tell are the documents and folders that pilots need whenever they jump in a plane to fly it somewhere. Delta's loading up iPads with GoodReader, as well as PDFs of the airplane manual, the flight itinerary and pertinent information, and anything else the pilots might need (BattleHeart, maybe?). And with the addition of in-flight Wi-Fi, pilots can even communicate while in the air with the company or even ground control.

It sounds like a good plan -- Delta is rolling out a trial system now, and testing the viability of using iPads on all of its flights. The one issue I see, however, is what pilots will do if they need this information during takeoff or landing. I know it's a complete pain whenever I'm on a plane and get asked to shut down all of my electronics. Presumably, pilots would have to do the same, right?

[via MacRumors]

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