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Final Fantasy XIV streamlining the crafting process

Eliot Lefebvre

Crafting in Final Fantasy XIV is involved. Not just the mechanics of crafting an item, but also figuring out the frequently broad range of different items and skills needed for seemingly simple pieces of equipment. It can be immersive, but it's also frequently counterproductive and takes the whole process further than is necessary. Which is why the advent of patch 1.19 will see a major change to several crafting recipes, adding new formulas to the game that will allow players an easier path through the crafting system.

The overall goal is to reduce the number of intermediate steps needed to craft an item and reduce the number of parts that go into the construction of each item, thereby reducing both inventory clutter and the glut of of necessary crafts. While only a handful of specific examples are shown, they demonstrate that crafters should find the new recipes much easier to put together without extensive searching. But if you've still got Hempen Shirtsleeves clogging your inventory, fear not, as the old recipes will remain in place for a while. For the most part, it should be a welcome announcement that will make each act of crafting that much less ornate.

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