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Golden Age goes for a walk on the town


Forget the silver age or the iron age -- the Golden Age is totally where it's at. Where what's at, you ask? Apparently where MMOs meets real-time strategy and crosses paths with castles and tall ships.

Aeria Games is ramping up publicity for this upcoming title by releasing five new screens showing off the common town where players will bump into each other while they check out the sights. Golden Age is a free-to-play browser RTS where you can assume the role of the lord of a castle in the golden lands of yore. When you're not building up your fortress, you can go on hundreds of quests in the surrounding areas and unleash hell with your elite armies.

You can take a tour of the town in the gallery below. Right now the title is in beta for both North and Latin America, so if you're ready to move out of your parents' basement and into a roomy 200-room keep, head on over to the official site to sign up!

Gallery: Golden Age | 6 Photos

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