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iZettle credit card reader for iPhone now available in Sweden in limited numbers


Back in April, I told you about the upcoming iZettle. The iZettle is made by a Swedish company and allows European merchants to accept credit card payments on an iPhone just like Square does in the US. However, the iZettle accepts the chip-and-pin credit cards that are standard in Europe and other parts of the world. It also plugs into the iPhone's dock connector instead of the iPhone's headphone jack like the Square reader does.

I'm happy to announce that iZettle is now shipping the device in Sweden in very limited numbers. As a matter of fact there's only 2,000 of the devices to go around right now. If you want one, hurry up and download the free iZettle app (Swedish iTunes Store only) and register for an iZettle account through the app. The first 2,000 people to register will be sent a free iZettle credit card reader.

If you don't get on in the first batch, you can still use the iZettle software to accept credit card payments, you'll just have to wait for the chip-and-pin reader as production ramps up.

As for other countries in Europe, iZettle says that for now, it's Sweden only, but they expect to expand to more of the EU "soon."

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