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Kinect Sports: Season 2, Kinectimals Now With Bears dated

Justin McElroy

Halloween gatherings are about to get a lot scarier. Kinect owners will be able to inject their world of furry friends with pure ursine terror when Kinectimals Now With Bears! launches on October 11, both as a standalone disc and DLC. What's that? You don't think bears are terrifying? We can only presume then that you've never seen a shaved bear.*

Things get even hairier on Oct. 25 when Kinect Sports: Season Two: Now With Beards sprints its way to store shelves. And no, it's not really called that, we assume it has, you know, the regular number of beards in it. But we can dream, can't we?

*If you were thinking of doing a Google Image Search for "shaved bears" with SafeSearch turned off ... well, maybe just don't do that, OK? Promise us.

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"Kinect Sports: Season Two" (Rare, Big Park, Microsoft Studios)

--Launching in North America on Oct. 25, in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand on Oct. 27, and in Europe on Oct. 28, "Kinect Sports: Season Two" lets YOU be the champion with six of the world's most popular sports, taking the most popular Kinect franchise to the next level with new in-game voice commands, enhanced full-body gameplay, and the ability to compete with friends and family any time through the new Challenge Play mode.

--The roster of action-packed experiences in "Season Two" expands with two new sports from the line-up debuting at Gamescom for the first time: Darts and Tennis!

--BONUS OFFER: Pre-order your copy today and receive exclusive unlockable avatar gear for a limited time only! – details at

"Kinectimals Now with Bears!" (Frontier Developments, Microsoft Studios)

--On Oct. 11, animal lovers of all ages around the globe will be able to experience "Kinectimals Now with Bears!," an updated and extended release of the popular "Kinectimals" game. Kinectimals Now with Bears!" adds to the original five feline cubs with five additional cat species and a whole new island of cuddly bear cubs ready for new adventures and interactions.

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