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Troy Online launching tomorrow

Jef Reahard

ALT1Games has just issued a press release regarding Troy Online's official release date (it's tomorrow, August 19th, if you're curious). The free-to-play fantasy MMO has been in open beta testing since August 12th, and aside from a little login server switcheroo, players will be getting the same game experience when they join at release.

The devs have simplified the registration process in an attempt to make the game accessible to more users, and you can now connect and play without signing up for a full membership. All it takes is your registration on the Troy Online homepage and you'll be free to enjoy the wholesale fantasy bloodletting on display as well as the title's traditional MMO classes and mythology-inspired setting.

ALT1Games is also running a few "final test events," and more information on these -- as well as how to sign up and download the game -- is available at the official Troy Online website.

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