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Verify your Ambassadorship with Nintendo's eligibility checker

Jordan Mallory

As one of the first 4 millionish people to buy Nintendo's 3DS prior to its dramatic price drop earlier this month, you've no doubt assumed the role of Ambassador with pride, dignity, and a frantic, ever-present anticipation for all of the dope swag in your near future.

We get the feeling that you already know whether or not you successfully connected to the Nintendo eShop before the deadline, but just to make super double sure, Nintendo has launched an Ambassador eligibility verification tool on its support site. Our eagle-eyed tipsters have informed us that including the last digit of your serial numer (the one in the box) may return a false ineligibility error, so 3DS owners looking for absolute peace of mind regarding their free games should be sure to try the tool both ways.

[Thanks, Sonny!]

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