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Momentum and Elevate 4G on sale now, pushes AT&T closer to the LTE era


It's August 21st, and that means that the first batch of AT&T's dedicated LTE devices are officially here. The Momentum 4G and Elevate 4G are now on sale at the carrier's site and in stores for $50 and $70 (with a two year contract, of course) respectively. Both the USB modem Momentum and mobile hotspot Elevate will have to settle for an HSPA+ connection for the time being, as Ma Bell has yet to flip the switch on its LTE network -- but we wouldn't expect the company to wait much longer before making the move. Picking up either of these 4G data devices would be useless without the DataConnect plan, which nets you 5GB for $50 with a $10-per-GB overage charge. Now it's just about waiting for someone to push the button in Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta and San Antonio to light up those first LTE markets.

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