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Lenovo: Apple won't dominate tablets forever


Apple is experiencing explosive growth in China, overtaking computer manufacturer Lenovo in its home country. Lenovo, though, is not threatened by Apple's success and notes that the companies are competing in two different markets. CEO Yang Yuanquing said, "Their (Apple) calculation includes the phone business but Lenovo's main focus is in PCs; our phone business isn't that strong even in China."

This is a situation Lenovo hopes to change by introducing a variety of Android and Windows tablets in the coming years. Unlike Apple which targets the high-end market with its US$499 iPad, Lenovo will focus on all tiers of the tablet market. Yang hopes to gain tablet market share by introducing mid and low-range devices that appeal to low-income customers in the smaller cities and townships. "We will be one of the strongest of the players in this area," Yang reportedly told the Financial Times.


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