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Super Mario Balance Block is Jenga for goombas

Jordan Mallory

You know, when you stop and think about it, Mario has had a pretty hard life. He's single-handedly saved pretty much everything that can possibly be saved, from princesses to whole entire galaxies, but it's still never enough. There's always one more mountain for Mario to climb, one more castle in need of conquering, one more koopa to coop up.

Now, in what may be his most sadistic and tragically doomed challenge to date, Mario has been tasked to climb a tower that is destined to fall, in the form of Super Mario Balance Block, a table-top Jenga derivative due out in Japan this November. Not to be confused with that other Mario-infused Jenga derivative, Balance Block somehow augments traditional Jenga gameplay with Super Mushrooms, although we doubt Mario will be able to complete his impossible task, even with their help.

Currently, it doesn't look like Super Mario Balance Block will be officially released stateside, however there are a few different import options in the source link, if that's your thing. You monster.

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