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Indie XBLA game Spelunky begets indie 'Spelunky Minis' toy line


At some point in the future, you'll be able to lay out your own randomly generated Spelunky adventures on your desk -- or just stare at some adorable round noses. Developer Derek Yu worked with his father to produce a line of "Spelunky Minis" toys, based on the characters in the upcoming XBLA remake of the PC platformer.

The toys will be blind-boxed, and offered for sale "pretty soon." There's no word whether a full set will be offered for sale instead of having to randomly collect them, but ... there had better be. And if you're concerned about the effect this has had on the currently unknown release date of the game, Yu said " don't worry, we're still working hard on the game - all day, every day! But this was a nice side project."

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