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Machinarium 'should' be coming to iPad 2 on Sept. 8


The platform specificity in the headline should already impart the bad news: Machinarium is not suited for the original iPad. According to a brief post on Amanita Design's blog, the melancholy 'bot adventure "needs quite a lot of memory and fast CPU so it works well only on iPad 2."

Owners of Apple's latest tablet "should" be able to download Machinarium from the App Store on September 8th. Amanita offers an apology to iPad 1 owners, and we suggest you load up the Unreal-powered Infinity Blade to quell any creeping thoughts of technological inadequacy.

Machinarium is available on PC and Mac, and is en route to PlayStation Network (this fall), Playbook and "capable" Android tablets. Should we start worrying about the WiiWare version?

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