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Massively Exclusive: Elsword developer Q&A, final round


That's right, Elsword fans, it's time for the final installment of the ongoing Elsword dev diaries. This last episode includes only a lone pair of questions, both of which focus on the developers' favorite things about the game -- particularly, their favorite bosses and best and worst moments while playing the game. What boss would the developers most like to see as a playable character? What have been the best and worst moments in their Elsword gaming career?

For the developers' answers to these questions, including a rather amusing anecdote regarding having one's face smashed in by an elementary school kid, head on past the cut.

I'm big fan of the Altera Plains bosses. What are some of your favorite bosses? Which boss would you want as a playable character as ridiculous as it might be?

Our favorite boss is the Nasod King. He is not only the biggest boss in our game but also has a wide range of challenging attacks. As you know, we already have one playable boss, Raven, who was released recently. There have been rumors that Chloe might be the next playable boss, although so far there is no confirmed plan to do so. Besides, what would happen to Rena? Would she lose her job as the archer for the El Search Party? We wish we could make the Nasod King a playable character. He is huge and strong enough that no monster could beat him up. Sadly, he can't move around and wouldn't fit in some dungeons, so I don't think he will be playable in the future, but anything is possible!

What are your best and worst most memorable moments while playing Elsword?

Personally, my most memorable moment was I when reached the max level with ALL the characters. In Korea there are actually six characters by now, so this was quite a feat. I'm happy though because this means we know the game so well we definitely know how to improve it for the North American version.

My worst moment was getting beaten up an elementary school kid when I first started playing PvP. He taunted me saying he was only in elementary school. I tried and tried but couldn't beat him. Afterward, I kept practicing and I'm much better at combos now. I wish I could play PvP with North American players, but the servers are in the U.S. and that's too far away for us. But the next time I visit the U.S. or Canada I will be sure to get some PvP in. Just don't beat me up like that elementary school kid!

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