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GameStop pulls Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC versions from shelves


GameStop has apparently sent another message out to its retail locations, this time asking all of its stores to pull any PC copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution from shelves, and place them in the backroom, eventually to be returned to publisher Square Enix. The email was sent after this afternoon's news that GameStop had directed its employees to pull coupons out of the boxes that offered free access to the OnLive cloud gaming service.

The latest email confirms that GameStop is indeed working on a competing service with its acquisition of Spawn Labs, and that because of an "agreement" with Square Enix, all of the game's copies will be recalled back to the publisher. The one exception is reserved copies, which will still be available for purchase, according to the memo.

GameStop has also pulled the PC version of the game from its website, though the console versions are still for sale. Joystiq has confirmed with local stores that the memo was received and copies were being pulled. We're also contacting GameStop corporate for an official statement on the matter.

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