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Is this the end of the Keynote as we knew it?


As reported earlier, Steve Jobs' resignation from Apple's CEO slot -- following an incredible trajectory of success after success -- has been anticipated for some time, and it is a reminder of human fragility. As Twitter fills up with shock, sadness, and wistful appreciation at the culmination of Jobs' Apple leadership, a good number of people are beginning to realize that today could mark the end of the "SteveNote" as well.

Is it time to say goodbye to that special brand of showmanship? SteveNotes were always an exercise in excitement and a demonstration of product passion. Even as Jobs' health declined over the past few years, it was a great treat when we were able to watch him demo the newest hardware, the latest software, and hints at the future of the platform.

My first SteveNote wasn't actually an Apple one. It was way back in NeXT history, the company whose operating system eventually gave rise to OS X. It was, like all SteveNotes, a combination of bravura technical showmanship and personal commitment to the brand.

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to be able to blog my way through many of his speeches, and I really appreciate the perfection of his presentations. Much as we appreciate the competence of Tim Cook and company, if Jobs truly has finished fronting both Apple and its product intros, we have lost a certain magic.

Unless Jobs continues keynoting post resignation (the Wall Street Journal writes that he will continue to maintain an active role in product strategic planning), there won't be "one more thing" anymore.

Thanks for all the memories, Mr. Jobs. And best wishes for the future.

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